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What if you shank it?

There is a very nice shank guard that can be attached (provided with unit). But again, that is an issue for any and every golf net. A side net is in production and will be available August, 2012. The side net will catch even most severe shanks. One of the videos demonstrates use of the SwingBox with a side net in position.

In your videos, it looks like the ball is hitting almost at the top of your unit, is that true?

No! An 8 iron is being used in most of the videos. The ball is going very fast and it is hard to see exactly where the ball enters. The ball actually hits the unit slightly above the middle and then actually goes up before it comes back down (slow motion video). In our testing, no one has hit over the device with an 8 iron. Please remember, everyone has a slightly different swing and the flight angle of the ball is different for everyone.

Can you put a hole in the wall behind the Swingbox™?

Anything is possible. It has not happened yet in all of our testing. When you actually see the design of the unit, you will realize that it is extremely hard to do that. We are fairly sure, that you are more likely to put a hole in the wall hitting into any of the commercially available golf nets, than with Swingbox™.

How Durable is the Swingbox™ compared to a conventional net?

Swingbox™ is much more durable. The reason is, the ropes in the front of the Swingbox™ are much thicker (by far) than the strands of a net. Whereas Swingbox™ ropes let the ball through and do not take all the force of the ball, the strands of the net, although much thinner, have to completely stop the ball and absorb all the force of the ball. With wear and tear, when a rope frays and breaks, because the front surface is comprised of about 15 sections of rope, only the section that is broken will need to be replaced. A rope kit will be made available for replacing the broken rope section.

Swingbox™ has a very thick mat on the back that is very rugged. On one of the earlier prototypes, thousands of balls have been hit into the mat, and the mat looks like it could take thousands more golf shots, with no problem.

What happens if you break a rope?

The front surface of the SwingBox unit is comprised of 15 sections of rope. That means if you break one section, you only have to replace that one section. Rope kits are available that make the replacement process easier. Once you do it once, it should probably only take you 10 or 15 minutes to replace a section of rope on subsequent sessions.

Who invented the SwingBox?

The SwingBox was invented by Dr. Joseph Lee, a well known lasik surgeon in Southern California.

For a link to Dr. Lee's Lasik Web site, go to