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Kevin Rodrigues

Hi, I am enjoying and benefiting from Swingbox - I coupled my practice with an ES 12 and this allowed me to find out how efficiently I was striking the ball in addition the the feedback you get from Swingbox. With the numbers, I found that I had a consistent smash factor of 1.47 - as a result, I made a slight change to my grip and my smash factor went to the max of 1.5 - little things like this will get a golfer to scratch and better - do you make anything for putting lol - I just thought you might like to know - thanks, Kevin J Rodrigues.

Louis L.

"With a job and 3 kids, it's tough to find time to get to the range and practice. With SwingBox, I now have the convenience to practice at home. Because we all know, there's only one way to keep your game sharp, and that's practice. " Louis L.

Ray from New York

“Love the SwingBox – it’s been great hitting on my deck with my propane heater to keep me warm through the winter. Best invention in golf in years. It’s really good to have some audible feedback when you hit a ball. Driving range nets do not produce the great sound you get from the Swingbox. When I am striking it pure I hear an incredible thud that makes me know I hit it solid and center of the clubface. Can’t make the waterfall happen consistently. Not sure why but it doesn’t really matter for me whether it’s stuck in the strings or waterfalls I’m using only one or two balls which is great – Doubt it’s my ballstriking at a 0.2 HCP J Feel free to post my feedback on your site. Just please do not add my last name or company I work for. Thanks Ray from New York ”

Ronald D.

"Joe, thanks for inventing the swingbox, I do not want to go over the top about my swingbox; but that is hard not to do. Its size is perfect for enclosed areas, although my wife still moved me from the basement to the garage. I hit full shots into it, and the results are undeniable. I am in the Northeast, and hit into swingbox all winter, and I walked up to the first tee this year ready to go because of the swingbox. I am know longer uncomfortable over the ball. I take a few shoots every night after work and definitely the night before a round. It is easy to assemble out of the box. It saves time and money from going to the driving range. I go to the range now just to check my driver’s ball flight; yes, you can hit driver into it. Also, you know when you are hitting good shots from the sound and direction of the hit into the swingbox. The customer service is outstanding, which I attest, and you can see the same from some other online reviews. One last comment is the “cool factor”. My buddies are amazed when they first see and try it. It is like having a golf simulator in your house for a fraction of the cost and you get to hit real golf balls into it. This is a great golf product, simple and effective. It pays for itself overtime. How may useless / stupid golf game improvement items do you have in the basement? I have a few, but this is not one of them. Do your homework and research and then get this product. You will not be disappointed. Ronald D. "

Terry McFarland

As the Head Pro of a very active golf course and golf school in the Washington, DC area, I have been using the swingbox (tm) on a year round basis since early 2012. Its fantastic. I have set up a indoor teaching room with high speed cameras, large projector screen, and radar swing speed sensors. This is a great new revenue stream.

Luke Zhang, Sept. 3, 2013

I have been using Swingbox for 3 months now. It improved my full swing more than one year that I spent in the Range. The biggest benefit for me is that I can practice whenever I feel the new swing thoughts and try to prove it's helpful. Most of time it's late at night. Coupled with grass tee range practice this thing is getting me into single digital handicap after just two years into golf.

Amateur Use of SwingBox and testimonial